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   I'm a makeup hoarder. There, I've said it, (although I'm fairly positive that my husband said it a long time ago). I love everything about cosmetics, and over the years I have found what formulas, brands, and techniques work best for me, and which ones just won't work for 90% of the population. This is how I came to feature Christina Choi Cosmetics in the boutique. 

    Based out of San Francisco, Christina Choi is a Korean-American makeup artist with over 20 years of experience under her belt. Working for eleven years as a makeup artist for both MAC Cosmetics as well as MAC Pro, Christina moved on to be the Designer of Makeup Artistry and National Makeup Artist for Bare Minerals. Working for Bare Minerals, Christina designed makeup looks for national and global campaigns, infomercials, and print work, as well as having looks featured on QVC and in Sephora. Christina has been featured in Teen Vogue, on NPR, Bustle, PopSugar, and the Sephora Beauty Blog. 

   What makes her brand so special? Christina was inspired to create a line of cosmetics and tools catered to every ethnicity, age, and skill level. She prides herself on the fact that her cosmetics complement a wide variety of skin tones and her eye tools are specially formatted to work for many different eye shapes. Her mission is to educate women on the application of beautiful makeup without compromising or changing who they are. Her goal is to share her makeup philosophy so that women can have fun, learn, and perform a flawless makeup application without intimidation. 

   We love the versatility and ease of applying Christina's cosmetics, as well as her mission for her brand. Some of our favorite products from her line that we highly recommend are the Luxe Cream Crayons and the Luxury Glosses. And you can never go wrong with her bold eye shadows or her line of brushes. 

 Purchase your Christina Choi Cosmetics here:


And don't forget to check out Christina's tutorials:


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  • Hi Whitney,
    Thank you so much for this awesome write up! I had no idea! I just came across the blog and read it. I really appreciate your support and featuring CCC :)

    Stay well and healthy,
    Christina Choi

    Christina Choi

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